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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Replace Credit Managers with Automation

By automating your business processes, whether it’s in the application process, risk-assessment process or simply driving best practices throughout your organization, you are cutting down on wastages in multiple resources – time, effort, materials and financial losses due to risk. - EeLee Koay -


Scorecards are built to replace subjective human judgement with objective statistical models.

Whilst big leaps in data-driven strategic planning have been made in many areas such as marketing and IT, Credit Management is still lagging. - Richard Brooks -


Drive Higher Customer Satisfaction through Online Loan Origination.

It is crucial for businesses to recognise that the only way to keep ahead in this neck-and-neck race to gain greater market share is to go online. - EeLee Koay -


The hidden function and its importance in the digital era.

Many companies spend thousands and millions on sales and marketing, capturing a consumer’s attention. - Richard Brooks -