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Go for it

It Just Makes Sense

Here’s where I’m going to be shameless, not only because it’s true but because I am passionate about sharing how we can improve both how you work but also your customer experience.

Reuduce Risk

Reduce Risk and Reap Rewards of SME Financing through Digitised Decisioning.

The risk of exposing one’s business to the dreaded outcome of ‘non-performing loans’ can be tackled by addressing it head on at the very beginning of business engagement. - EeLee Koay -

World of Credit 2019

What is Happening in the World of Credit?

In 2018, open banking really began hitting its strides with several localities pushing positive regulations in this area to promote innovation and vying to become geographical leaders in this area. - Richard Brooks -

Why Credit

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Replace Credit Managers with Automation

By automating your business processes, whether it’s in the application process, risk-assessment process or simply driving best practices throughout your organization, you are cutting down on wastages in multiple resources – time, effort, materials and financial losses due to risk. - EeLee Koay -

Credit Data

Scorecards are built to replace subjective human judgement with objective statistical models.

Whilst big leaps in data-driven strategic planning have been made in many areas such as marketing and IT, Credit Management is still lagging. - Richard Brooks -

Online Applications

Drive Higher Customer Satisfaction through Online Loan Origination.

It is crucial for businesses to recognise that the only way to keep ahead in this neck-and-neck race to gain greater market share is to go online. - EeLee Koay -

Digital Credit

The hidden function and its importance in the digital era.

Many companies spend thousands and millions on sales and marketing, capturing a consumer’s attention. - Richard Brooks -