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of Invoices are paid late


of companies have more than 10% of their receivables overdue


DSO reduction by utilising decisioning and scoring


approximate reduction in the cost of on-boarding new customers


Account opening your biggest problem?

For many business, paper forms and manual work flows are the norm for credit applications. Issues with forms not being filled out correctly, illegible writing and the back and forth of emails and calls to get complete information can make just receiving the application information take days.

With simple online forms which you create within Credisense, data capture is simple, data is consistent, and the use of required fields and drop-down boxes ensures information is correctly captured. The benefits are multiple – convenience, correct information being collected, and consistent capture allows for future analysis. Being online, it also allows for your sales teams to collect and conduct the application with a client on a tablet, laptop or phone, improving the customer experience.



Control your own risk

During the application process, information can be validated against sources including government registers and any third-party data suppliers. Once collected, your credit policy can be automatically applied using the in-built rules engine.

Currently most of this work is manual, credit controllers and managers review the information and conduct multiple checks and double key the information through multiple systems. The opening of trade credit accounts for many organisations can take over a week. This is a huge amount of lost time and opportunity which could be easily automated, allowing credit specialists to focus on higher value tasks.

Rule changes are easily made through the administrative function should changes to your credit policy be needed.

All data collected through the system is stored indefinitely meaning past applications can be reviewed and used to analyse how the credit policy is working to make changes going forward. In built reporting functionality allows for the interrogation and extraction of data for multiple uses.



An often-overlooked area of credit is the on-going management of risk. According to Dun & Bradstreet, 80% of bad debt comes from customers that you have been trading with for over a year. As such, effort must be made to mitigate this impact. Credisense allows for the monitoring and on-going assessment of risk by integrating with your preferred third-party data providers to asses and grade your portfolio. Aged trial balance information can be either integrated through APIs to automatically populate Credisense, or these can be uploaded into the system, allowing Credisense to become your single source of truth for all your credit accounts.


For all business, particularly SMEs, cash flow is king. Data from Xero shows us that over 60% of invoices are paid late and that over 10% of SMEs time is spent chasing overdue invoices. Credisense allows you to automate communications with your clients with text and email reminders. Direct payment through Credisense can be made through our Stripe payment gateway meaning faster, easier ways for your customers to pay.

Smart Decisions
Responsive Interface

The platform technology allows for multiple devices across all web browsers to be easily manageable and instantly available.

Clean Layout

Intuitive and easy to understand interface allows users to become proficient in minutes.

Sensi BOT assistant

Advanced AI BOT technology allows simple automation of questions you would typically ask your team. Simply use voice activation to query your Credisense information to get an instant summary of results.

Other key Features within Credisense

These features are designed to improve the overall experience and achieve seamless credit management within your organisation.

Internal Chat

Instant Messaging with Echo

Echo allows in organisational chat between working groups. The context of the Chat can be automatically saved to each account to grow and extend your knowledge of each account.

AI Ready

Sensi AI BOT

Voice command searching with instant results through the Credisense bot. Simply ask anything to receive instant dynamic results.


Workflow Engine

Credisense Workflow Builder allows your organisation to easily automate processes with the simple click-based workflow builder.


Underpinned with Industry leading Bureau data

Leading bureau data so all your decisions are supported by the latest credit information.

CRM like functions

End to End account Management

Credit has changed. Now your credit management process will be more than simple credit checking. Use Credisense industry standard account management, CRM like feel to build that 360 view of your accounts.

Code Free Solution

Instant 'Do now' form design

The unique form designer allows users to modify and add specific components to the Credisense platform. All wizard driven and simple to use. Effecting change now takes minutes not days.

Want to know more about Credisense?

There are plenty more features to make your Credit Management experience better with Credisense. Credit Management is no longer a grind. Get in touch or start a trial by completing the form below.

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